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A not-quite-voyeur of Hunter S. Thompson land

Long ago I read the “Rolling Stone,” and discovered Hunter S. Thompson.  If you don’t know about Thompson, there is a pretty decent article about him at Wikipedia.  The stuff he wrote fascinated me.  I kept thinking, “Is this guy for … Continue reading

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Moving a bridge on Hwy 199

My husband is out on the roads at night, which means he occasionally gets to see some pretty cool things.  Last night he saw some of the process as CalTrans workers moved a new bridge on Hwy 199 into place.  … Continue reading

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I’m a cat person.  I’ve had/lived with dogs in my past, and there have been some I’ve been genuinely fond of, but for some reason I bond with cats better.  My Significant Other had two cats when we got together, … Continue reading

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