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I saw a cardinal!

We were in Tennessee and Kentucky last week, and I saw my first cardinal (the bird).  I was so excited!  This photo isn’t the greatest, because my camera is average, and I had to photograph the bird through glass.  (Was … Continue reading

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Counting my blessings

Did you create a list of things you are thankful for yesterday?  I did, and made it to 109 before I was distracted by family and food.    I had the usual listing of family and friends (which I am MOST … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving thoughts

You can tell I’ve been thinking about the way things were when I was a kid, and the way things are now.  That’s only a difference of about 50 years, but the world has changed a lot since then.  In … Continue reading

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Other lives, other stories

When I was a kid, I loved to read biographies.  I wanted to know what other people’s lives were like, even the simple things like what foods did they eat, and if they had time for fun, what did they … Continue reading

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Ten minutes on depression

Recently I did a ten-minute employee presentation on depression.  The person who asked me to do it wanted me to do it on suicide and depression, but I managed to reduce it to one topic when I pointed out that … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

Thank you!  

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Things “click” when we are ready

The past couple months have been busy.  October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so there were a variety of events associated with that.  And I was knitting dwarf hats.  And a foolish stretch to reach something resulted in a minor … Continue reading

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