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Am thinking about birthdays today — as in the anniversary of someone’s birth.  Long ago in nomadic societies, people had a general idea of when a person was born, but it was tied more into the seasons and natural events, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on understanding dreams

There are many ways of looking at dreams — these are my thoughts.  The important thing to remember is that dreams are very personal.  If you find a way of relating to your dreams that works for you and makes … Continue reading

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Trade chat

Okay . . . I have not completely given up World of Warcraft.  I still play, primarily on two servers (Alliance).  Have gotten into the habit of playing my characters in rotation, and when they are not out questing they are … Continue reading

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A knack for doing nice things

Most of us know at least one person who is always doing something nice for someone.  It may be baking cookies to bring to work, or giving someone flowers (store-bought or from their yard), or being open to finding just … Continue reading

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Are you really hungry?

I had a conversation with a friend about eating.  He mentioned something one of his teachers suggested, that people often eat food when they are really hungry for something else.   It makes sense.  Think of the times you have been watching … Continue reading

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“What IS it you do?”

I was asked that question yesterday by someone introducing people at an inter-departmental meeting.  I have been with our small organization for a year now, but I do not come to the main office very often.  Still, it was disconcerting to … Continue reading

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Happy Imbolc!

This is the time of year when the lambs are being born, and the daffodils are coming up to bloom.  But it is still so cold!  Some areas of the United States have had the coldest weather on record, and there … Continue reading

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