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Brazie’s Sunflower (WoW)

I GOT IT!     🙂 With the Cataclysm expansion of World of Warcraft (WoW), many things changed.  Some I am not so crazy about (such as what they did to the Horde), but one thing I do like is the addition … Continue reading

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Issues too big for one answer

This post is a downer, so feel free to skip it. As the domestic violence/sexual assault advocate for a small, tribal agency, I get together with other workers in the same fields.  We talk about what is happening, and share … Continue reading

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Loving wool yarn

People who knit or crochet often have very definite opinions about the materials they use.  I will knit with acrylic if I think it is something that may get washed a lot, or if the person is allergic to wool, or … Continue reading

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Having Class doesn’t cost money

Class: –noun: excellence; exceptional merit; Informal: elegance, grace, or dignity, as in dress and behavior: –adjective: Informal: of high quality, integrity, status, or style.  (From When I was a kid, I learned it was all about having class.  I … Continue reading

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Drive to belong

I have been contemplating the drive to belong.  It is one of the most essential drives in human nature, very tied with the attachments we do (or do not) form as infants.  John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth did the earliest work … Continue reading

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Working a table at the Fair

The Rancheria had a table at the Curry County Fair last week, and the Del Norte County Fair this week.  Curry County is in the south-west corner of Oregon, and has a lot of space between each smallish town on the Hwy 101 … Continue reading

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