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Blue Moon

While the months in our calendar were designed to fit a solar year, with 28-31 days in each month, the Moon keeps her own schedule, with a lunar month being about 28.5 days.  That means we generally have one Full … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Lately awareness about war and the military has tapped into my emotions even more than before.  (Well, probably about as much as when my son was in Iraq.)  I go to the movies, and in the previews they always have … Continue reading

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Bill Maher on Bush

A friend has posted on her blog today something Bill Maher wrote about George W. Bush.  It is priceless!  She has given me permission to link to her blog, and I encourage you to go there and read it:  .  … Continue reading

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“Stranger than Fiction”

The premise of this movie is wonderful — the protagonist, Harold Crick, begins hearing a woman’s voice narrating his life, “but with a better vocabulary.”  As he listens to her narration, he begins examining his life, and realizes changes are … Continue reading

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Feeding the wild birds

   Seven years ago we put up a bird feeder in our backyard.  It’s on a post, in the middle of our yard, with a fence covered in blackberry bushes directly behind it.  At the time we had four cats, … Continue reading

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Gasoline and the War in Iraq

I have strong views about the war in Iraq, but I don’t talk about them much.  I was raised with the idea that you don’t talk about politics and religion, because people can get so irritated and irrational about both … Continue reading

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New Moon/Dark Moon

The New Moon was today.  That means the Moon was between us and the Sun, so we could not see it.  It’s also known as the Dark Moon.  Some authors (such as Gail Wood) make a distinction between the Dark … Continue reading

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