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How we use words

In my 20s I became aware of how people used words to indoctrinate.  In the 1960s and 1970s there was a lot of discussion about how the dominant culture writes about history, to make them look like the “good” guys … Continue reading

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Circle of friends

No, this is not about the Irish movie.  This is about having a circle of friends you can talk with.  Often such circles are born during our high school or college years, forged by proximity, shared tasks, and seeing people on … Continue reading

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Too much “stuff”

Children grow out of clothes and toys really fast; they need gifts just so the parents can keep up.  Young adults (especially if they are setting up a household of their own) need clothing and “toys” and household things, because … Continue reading

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Listening to my heart

Today is a quiet day for me.  My husband is working, so I slept late.  🙂    We did most of our Christmasy stuff with family and friends on Friday and Saturday.  There will be phone calls today.  But I can … Continue reading

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Casual Winter Holiday

While my husband and I grew up with Christian backgrounds, we both consider ourselves pagans now.  This is not a problem around the Christmas holiday, because so many of the the traditions associated with it ARE pagan (candles, decorated trees, … Continue reading

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Living with Nature

I live in a part of the world just right for me.  I see mountains with snow.  I hear the ocean waves breaking only a mile away.  There are trees everywhere, and some of those redwoods are HUGE.  An elk … Continue reading

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Please stop adding MSG!

Last weekend I went to a Christmas Party.  The food was simple (no sauces or gravies), but quite good.  The next morning I woke up with a screaming headache.  Now I know — there was MSG in the food. What is MSG?  Monosodium … Continue reading

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