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Don’t misuse “gay” and “rape”

Every generation misuses certain words that irritate older generations.  When I was a young teen it was “bitchen” (something great).  But in the last few years they have begun misusing words that have more serious consequences: “gay” and “rape.” I’ve … Continue reading

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zenhabits’ “Simplify,” by Leo Babauta

I enjoy reading blogs.   Blog entries inspire me, make me laugh, make me angry, make me happy, and help me learn.   Today I added “zenhabits“, by Leo Babauta, to my Bloglist.   The first entry I read impressed me:  “Simplify.” “Simplify” … Continue reading

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Waiting . . .

As a child, waiting for that gift-giving occasion when you’ve asked for something special.  Waiting for dinner when you are hungry now.  Being told, “Wait until your father gets home!” when you’ve done something wrong.  Waiting for your parent(s) to … Continue reading

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“Larry Crowne” (2011)

Have you ever wanted to “reinvent” yourself?  Maybe realized life isn’t quite going the way you want?  Or life hands you some set-backs, and you think, “What do I do now?”  I don’t think Larry Crowne (played by Tom Hanks) set out to … Continue reading

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Is the concept of “disadvantaged” created by Big Business?

Advantaged or disadvantaged?  A couple days ago I wrote about a domestic violence training where Dawn Watkins (Director, Humboldt DV Services) talked about power, privilege, and oppression, and how that supports (or even encourages) tolerance for domestic violence.  Dawn talked about … Continue reading

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DV advocacy training: Harrington House

Last week I and a co-worker attended a domestic violence advocacy training organized by Harrington House at the main office of the Yurok Tribe.  Harrington House is an outreach of Rural Human Services here in Del Norte County (California), and is the … Continue reading

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